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Sīmia Illustris
That's brilliant! Was that done on a PC?

Kicking that idea down the road a bit, you could make a fantastic map for kriegsspiel or a variation of it.
I'm afraid I was responsible only for the putting-it-together part (that still took me like two hours :D - now the map occasionally hangs on my wall, but I take it away often for book reading), I didn't draw the map itself. But As I write in the video description, I found an SVG map of middleearth, which is awesome, because SVG (the picture format used on Wikipedia) is a vector graphics format, which unlike normal [bitmap - sic!] formats doesn't describe what color is on what pixel, but it describes "lines and shapes", therefore, you can ZOOM a vector-graphics made picture infinitely and you still get 100% quality and definition (=infinite zoom picture quality). Like when you zoom a webpage or a text file :) (you never lose the quality!)

Here! :)
you can try zooming there yourself. I mean, before I printed it, I made from it a high-resolution bitmap picture first...
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I'd like to put together a few large maps of some of the continents. Big detailed ones upon a ply base from different ages throughout history. Then stare at them.

Hemo Rusticus

Jive Turkey
I made myself a map of Middle-Earth today :D
You've earned the goodwill of Manwë, young hobbit. He'll be sending the eagles your way in a day or two. Nowadays he uses Google maps to track you by satellite. Cheaper & less invasive.

Terry S.

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Not to mention not having to shovel the guano giant eagles leave behind.

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Shakespeare was vaccinated.
Got my hands on some strong cheddar from West Scotland. Knocking off clumps with my knife like a pro. Love it. Trying not to think of the calories.

Edit: contains little crunchy bits which I like in a mature cheese.

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When I have short breaks, I close my eyes and slowly repeat the mantra: Savour the seconds, relish the minutes of headpeace.