Suggest me a love poem


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Hi guys

was wondering if you could help me out

ok, the situation, girl i really like, girl who really likes me.

crazy ex around wont leave her alone, she jus needs a bit of time.

anyone know a nice poem in latin (if you could give me english translation aswell be great) that says somethin along the lines of, you mean alot to me, cant wait for the day that ur all mine, your so beautiful yada yada yada

something along those lines.

if anyone has anything i would be extremely appreciative.

the poems to go on the card that comes with flowers for valentines day.

i thank you in advance.


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Hm. I would suggest the poems by Catullus. This site has many of his poems and translations to English as well as other languages.
All of his poems were written to one woman Clodia, who in the poems is called Lesbia (to keep the things semi-secret as she was from a powerful and known Roman family). Catullus is known for this love story and for his poems written to her, so.. Anyway, have a look at them yourself.

And let us know which one you choose.


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hi, many thanks for your help again!

i know poetry expert, haha, but none of em seemed to be about love. (that i could use anyway)

i have chosen Carmen 2 however;

Sparrow, favorite of my girl,
with whom she is accustomed to play, whom she is accustomed to hold in her lap,
for whom, seeking greedily, she is accustomed to give her index finger
and to provoke sharp bites.
When it is pleasing for my shining desire
to make some kind of joke
and a relief of her grief.
I believe, so that her heavy passion may become quiet.
If only I were able to play with you yourself, and
to lighten the sad cares of your mind.

the lines that chose it for me where
"to make some kind of joke
and a relief of her greif"


"to lighten the sad cares of your mind"

she is quite depressed at the moment, an i can usually cheer her up so i thought that this was a good poem to use.

(or perhaps i have taken the poem out of context)

i haven't have i? haha

many thanks.


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Good choice of a poem. Let us know how the girl likes it ;)

Not to stress you out or anything... :)