Take the risk, or lose the chance


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Hello everyone
I hope someone could help with a translation.
The phrase is " Take the risk, or lose the chance"
My wife and I decided after many years of being settled that we would blow everything and buy a farm.
We were still thinking about it when we went into a gift shop and saw that phrase on a plaque.
It seemed like an omen so we bought the plaque and proceeded to buy the farm.
Would like to have a coat of arms made for the new house with that phrase in latin.
I would be very grateful for any help with this.


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aut aleam iace aut perde fortunam

Throw the dice (i.e. take a risk) or lose your good chance.

aleam aut iace aut perde

Take a chance or lose it
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FWIW, I like the 1st translation.


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I suggest:

aut periculum facies aut occasionem perdes.

Either you will run the risk or you will lose the opportunity.