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I do wonder whether Bertel Thorvaldsen had the Dying Gaul in mind when creating his own monument? I think it's a reasonable query; although a google search throws nothing up in respect of a connection.
Thanks for posting that. It's a very unfortunate re-styling job. The lion is close to being a cartoon caricature.
I completely agree with you, I added it just to show how the Thorvaldsen Lion had influenced another sculpture. Funnily enough Brady denied that Thorvaldsen's Lion had anything to do with his design. Call me cynical but..


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Very beautiful painting.


Cívis Illústris
But which one is force, and which one is reason? The person on the left seems to be lacking both.
And stepping on something strange.
Keep interpreting but bear in mind with the symbolism movement you've to look beyond plain meaning and interpret the ideal expressed or as Mallarme once wrote, "depict not the thing but the effect it produces."