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Hmm, ok. Well I gave in once I understood the context to the work.
I'm pretty sure what happened is what I said; Adrian found the article I linked above and he wrongly thought the entire title of the article was the title of the painting, while in fact à la loupe doesn't belong in the title of the painting.

The title of the article, La Vierge au Lapin à la loupe, means literally "The Madonna of the Rabbit with a Magnifying Glass", as in "looked at with a magnifying glass"; that's an idiomatic metaphor for "analysed (in detail)". Basically, the title says that the article is an analysis of the work.

Issacus Divus

Indeed. But the first really strikes something in me, with the blending of the horizon and sun.
Even the title lends to an element of mystery.

Edit: just in case you're referring to Evening Calm, I should say I'm meaning Ninth Wave.

Issacus Divus

He’s quite good.