The birth of Sin

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1. Clearly state the entirety of what you want translated. Quotation marks are helpful here.

"Prelude - The birth of Sin"

2. State what you intend to use the translation for.

Okay be patient with me here, there is a point to this. I wrote a book six years ago for fun while I was working on my masters in education. It was something to pass the time when I had to sit in on a few classes, but would have to wait around the school a few hours while there wasn't much to do. A few of my college friends and family read the book and really enjoyed it. It was mostly hand written at the time, it had a crap ton of inside jokes buried in it, and it was great fun... Right? Right! One of those friends went on to become a publisher, and she asked me to get her a copy. I sent her the original hand written copy, she told me something to the effect of "sweetie I'm not reading your crappy hand writing for five hundred pages." Well the book has grown a lot since she read the first few chapters years ago, but dutifully I set to the task of typing it. We get through that ordeal, and now we are seriously talking about publishing the book... Seems good! There is a hiccup though, the book was written with a lot different audience in mind at the time. While I was able to clean up a lot of my silly inside jokes, and colloquialisms there are some parts of the book that should stay because they are "fun." One of the things I did was make all of the titles of the chapters song titles to music that fit the mood of the chapter. If you are groaning because you know where this is going good on you my friend... Darn right! I tossed them all into google translator and wrote down exactly what it told me those song titles would be in Latin. Obviously for cliquish inside puzzling and fun with friends the garbled nonsense of google translator was "good enough." It might have even been good because my friends could play guess that tune based on the "Latin" and then use google to look it up. However, if I am going to actually put something to print, I do not want to put something I know is wrong. This left me two options that I liked. The first was, get the Latin translated. The second was to put the song titles in English. I think getting them into Latin would be way more fun, however, it might not be in my budget. I'm a high school teacher need I say more? I will anyways.

There are fifty song titles (1 prologue, 45 chapters, and 4 epilogues; 137 words in English) in total I would need to get translated. Sorry for having so many chapters the book itself is only a little south of two hundred thousand words so it is a pretty good body of work. I was reading through the rules and am aware I need to chat with someone about what they would charge to translate this since it exceeds one hundred words, but I didn't want to post twenty-five random times on the forums so that I could message someone and ask what they thought I should do. The forum for paid posts is not automated and I didn't want to bug anyone outside of a private message. So... I rallied my courage and here we are. Also, I tend to gush when I am nervous. Great quality for a writer, bad quality for being polite on forums.

3. Elaborate on what it means to you. Many words can be interpreted in several ways. We need some context to make sure you get the correct translation.

The first sticking point might be "birth" in this instance I mean a real act that does have tangible consequences, but that the word "birth" is being used metaphorically to describe the beginning point.

The next point is "Sin" in this case I am using the uppercase to identify a universal truth, a statement of name or an identifier. The thing that is born is actually named sin. Sin is not being used as a metaphor for "great evil"

An expansion of the statement might be, "At this moment in time the being, that we call Sin, was brought into this world."

If there is a great distinction between "physically here right now", and "will be here in the near future because of this event." The "will be here..." version would be more the tone we (notice how I just brought you into this conversation, oh the cleverness of me) are looking for. We are distinctly not looking for "original sin."

If a contracted version is more helpful "origin of sin" might be pretty close though it loses context.

4. Latin is gender specific. Please state if your phrase refers to a man or a woman.
I mean could sin really be anything other than a man, all the women I know are perfect angels. Sorry, not helpful in this case gender neutral would be better, but if you have to pick the masculine form would be a better fit.

Thank you in advance for any love and the sparring use of sarcasm that you can afford me,
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^ Never knew that one.

Typically, because of the Vulgate (& Romance reflexes), the word used for 'sin' is peccatum 'a falling-short, offense, sin'. As for 'birth', I suppose partus is the best bet (& who doesn't dig alliteration):
Partus Peccati
Partus Peccantis 'birth of a sinner'

But if you really want to 'lead' your reader (what with the "inside-jokes", which I know you said have been to some extent redacted), you could use genesis for 'birth'. It's a Greek loan, but in perfectly good use, and probably the Romans saw a cognateness with their own words genus, gigno (genitus).
Genesis Peccati


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"Partus" really means the act of giving birth though (labour, delivery) and may be more concrete than what you're looking for since you want it to metaphorically mean the beginning point.
The "Genesis" is indeed nice as a nod to the Bible and 'sin' in its original (sic) meaning.
You might want to consider "ortus Peccati" too which means 'birth', 'origin' with an idea of 'spring' and seems to fit the bill nicely.
edit : and of course, there's also "nativitas" commonly used for the birth of Christ (nativitas domini) which you could devilishly apply to Sin (nativitas Peccati).
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