The Empress' Star Marine Corps

Currently, I'm using Míles Stélláris Básíleai to mean both The Empress' Star Marine Corps and its colloquial The Empress' Star Marines. Is Sómá Míles Stélláris Básíleai or Sómá Mílitáris Stélláris Básíleai a more accurate translation of the more formal name The Empress' Star Marine Corps?


Cívis Illústris
Not sure I've seen míles used for 'corps' (ie. a group of soldiers) like that.
sómá does not seem to be a Latin word. There is a Greek word σῶμα (short a) but it means 'body', not a group of soldiers.
You could always use the plural of míles? Or a word like cohors or legió?

Básílea is not, to my knowledge, a word either, although there was apparently a town called Basiléa (modern Basel). If you want a Latinised form of the Greek βασίλεια 'queen, princess', it would be basilía. I can't think of an actual Latin word for 'Empress'... Augusta seems to be used at Tac. Annals 34, Fronto ad amicós i.14?
Sóma can mean one of the following: body, heater, military unit (Corps), organization. Ptóma, on the other hand, means corpse. Pandorans lengthened the word-final <a> through compensatory lengthening. Thus, sóma --> sómá. I'm not using legió because a corps (20,000+) is larger than a legion (3,000-6,000; i.e. between a brigade and a division) in size.

Básíleia should have been Basíleiá as I misread the accent over the first <a> and forgot to lengthen the second one. Both it and sómá show the Greek influences on Pandoran.