The First (of Us, Among Us, Speaker, Leader - masculine)

Shay H.

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The First refers to the oldest of the werewolves living, who is male, and also the primogenitor of all the werewolves in their world.

"The First" is a short hand way of speaking of him, but he's also called "the First Among Us", "the First Voice" / "the First Speaker", "the First Leader" / "First Prince". He deliberately avoids being called an emperor.

Google gave me a few ideas, but I have no clue how far off "Prime Princeps" and "Prime Bellus" might be.

Side question: I have a lot of titles and oddities that inter relate. Would it be better to post those all together, or make some kind of reference sheet to attach for an individual post for each title?


nulli numeri
The first - princeps
The first among us - princeps inter nos (to others: I wasn't sure whether to use the preposition or a partitive genitive)
The first voice - prima vox
The first speaker - primus orator (not sure whether the noun works in a context this broad)
The first leader - primus dux/ductor
The first prince - primus regulus