The flame is gone, the fire remains


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Hello! I am looking to have the quote “the flame is gone, the fire remains” translated for part of a tattoo. This quote comes from one of my favorite bands, but the meaning behind the quote is deeper than just being based around them. This band in particular uses Latin phrases in their songs pretty regularly, so I thought using Latin for this quote would be a nice touch. I did contact someone I know who has a very basic understanding of Latin, and was offered “Flamma evanuit, ignis manet” as a translation, but I was hoping I could get some more input from people who are a bit more experienced than my friend. The phrase isn’t pertaining to a male or female necessarily, but I’m female if that helps at all. I would greatly appreciate any assistance! Thank you!


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It seems pretty accurate to me... evanescere goes perfectly with flamma, ignis manet is precise. The sentence sounds poetic.

I'm not the most fluent here though, so I'd wait for other comments.

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Yeah, it's fine.