The Loved Never Die


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Could somebody please give me an accurate translation for: The Loved Never Die.

Much appreciated.



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Qui amantur numquam (or nunquam, just two different spellings) moriuntur.

Those who are loved never die.
You could also try:

Unus amatus, idem non (aut numquam)morietur.

One having been loved, the same does not (or never) will die.

But Pacis puella's has a nice ring to it.


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Unus is usually used when you insist that there is only one. So here it would mean "the only one that has been loved".

Idem used like this looks a little weird to me - we don't need a "double subject" - amatus and idem. If idem is the subject of non moritur, what is the verb of amatus? The only way it can be interpreted is that there's an implied est. So your sentence means "only one has been loved, that same one does not die". ;).

EDIT: Or as amatus can also be a noun, "beloved": there is one beloved, that same one does not die".
Ah, I see. That's what I was aiming towards....I assume amatus, non morietur would be close enough. (Being loved, he will not die)