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Hi All,
For some background, I am an 18 year old lad who wants to get a tattoo to commemorate some of the hardships I have been through in my relatively short life.

The tattoo I am getting is a rose on my shoulder and arm, for my sister. The plan is to have "there is light in darkness" across the top of the rose on a scroll and "through sheer force of will" across the bottom, on a seperate scroll.

I am completely open to suggestions for something better than "through sheer force of will" if there is a translation that looks smoother or you think fits better. However, if possible I would like the keep the "There is light in darkness" or "light in darkness".

I really appreciate your time in reading this and look forward to reading your replies.
Sam :)
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light in darkness: LVX IN TENEBRIS (lux in tenebris)

through sheer force of will: SOLA VI VOLVNTATIS (sola vi voluntatis)


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Thank you very much. Would it make sense to have them together? They won't be in the same sentence and would be too and bottom of the tattoo.
Thanks :)


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Cheers for the reply. Would "there is" in front of "light in the darkness" change it much? It makes sense as is, at least to me. I just would like to weigh up all the options.
Sorry for any bother.


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In that case, I'd add a simple est at the beginning.

Terry S.

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There's no word for 'the' in Latin.


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Unfortunately for us, we can't see all the latin...