Tattoo Through darkness, to the stars


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"Through the darkness, to the stars", or "through darkness, to the stars."

To be used for a tattoo.
Female gender.
I like it as an alternative to the all too common "per aspera, ad astra." I love this phrase, but it is so common, and I see it often.

I want something to commemorate my mother's passing after a crushing illness, as well as my own quest "for the stars,"

Any other ideas along these lines are greatly welcomed. This will be a tattoo, after all, so the best phrase wins.


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Should there be a comma before "ad astra" or "ad stellas" for it to be correct Latin?
No comma needed.

Again, heed my warning about stella. It is often referred to that star, the Sun for example and does not have the same zing to it. I would stick to the common ad astra per aspera phrase if I were you.
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So just to clarify, "per tenebras ad astra" would be the literal "through darkness to the stars"?
Still grappling with whether I want this or the common "per aspera ad astra." That's used for everything. :/