Til death do us part (please check my translation)


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Hi, I have googled this translation and just wanted to confirm I had the correct spelling & translation. I want the phrase "Til death do us part" which from research is "Donec mors nos separaverit" (I think literal is until death separates us?) which I think is from the latin wedding vows?

Any help would be great, want to use this as part of my wedding next weekend. Was wondering what the correct pronunciation is aswell don-ec mors nos sep-a-ra-ver-it?


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Yes, I confirm that donec mors nos separaverit means "Until death do us part". As for pronunciation, Matthaeus, got some spare time on your hands?

Edit: If by "I googled this translation", you mean that you ran the English through Google Translate and received that Latin translation, you are lucky. 99% of the time, Google's translations are inaccurate.

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You are welcome!

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Google Translate gives 'Donec mors nos ex parte', so he couldn't have used it.

What he did find is the exact form of the vow as given in the Latin version of the Book of Common Prayer (Liber Precum Publicarum).

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Oh, ok. I thought I was dreaming for a second. :confused: