Time is greater Money / Forever Loyal

Mike Indio

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I would like to know the direct translation of

'' Time Is Greater Than Money''


''Forever Loyal'' however Im farly sure its '' Semper Fidelis'' however I wrote '' Fidelis Semper'' I was hoping it wasn't grammatically incorrect.

I appreciate it



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"Time is greater than money": tempus pecunia maius est.

Semper fidelis/fidelis semper is ok for "always loyal"/"loyal always". For more exactly "forever" than "always", you can replace semper with in perpetuum.

Michael Zwingli

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Yes, semper fidēlis would mean "always loyal" or "ever loyal", but "forever loyal" could be rendered using a number of terms: as aeternō fidēlis, or the more cumbersome aeternāliter fidēlis, or even iūgiter fidēlis, and iūge fidēlis (though that last is post-classical), in addition to what Pacifica suggested. Additionally, "loyal" can be translated as fīdus in addition to fidēlis, so that one could say iūge fīdus/iūge fīda in order to achieve a pleasing metrical cadence.
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