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I am transribing an Old Spanish manusript that contains the following deteriorated Latin piece.

This is my attempt and the transription of the surrounding Old Spanish (translated for the convenience):

enc'ima donde la tenja<n> [above, where they had it]
guardada & cerrada [kept and enclosed and]
era [*escrito] en laty<n> beata [it was written in Latin: ...]
c'iujta [*jniqua] est / imago
?? q<uid> non poterit capi
?? igne crema[??] doner

ibi fuerit / que quiere dezir [...that wants to say]

Whoever copied this down does not seem to have a good understanding of Latin... Can we possibly trace the origin of this piece of writing in Latin?

Thanks a lot!
I managed to transcribe the Old Spanish translation after this piece. Maybe this would help:

que quiere dezir
bien aventurada la c'ib-
dad endo la ymajen es-
ta es q<ue> no podra ser
tomada nj~ por fuego q<ue>-
mada en ta<n>to que ende fue-


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I think this is what it is supposed to be ;)

civitas illa in qua est imago
haec quia non poterit capi
nec igne cremari donec
ibi fuerit


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google search for similar words. That is why I said supposed to be ;)