Tattoo Truth and Honor; Strength and Courage



I want to get four words on the back of my arms. I think Latin would be the best language to go with as all other language is bassed on it. I want Truth and Honor on my left and Strength and Courage on my right.

Would Decus and Veritas be correct?

Does Firmitudo mean both strength and courage? Are there two, more specific, words?

And Bellator is just the term for a warrior, right?

Thanks for any advice.


Civis Illustris
1. Far from all language is based on Latin. The Romance languages are but a tiny fraction of all language.
2. First thoughts:
Truth: veritas
Honor: honos
Strength: fortitudo (vires is also a thought)
Courage: Audacia (virtus, a word with a wide variety of meanings that effectively encompass generalized masculine virtue with bravery included, is another thought).

For any "and"s I would use "et." The word order would be the same as the English.


Veritas is fine for "truth".

Decus is one way to say "honor", but its nuances are somewhat different from those of the English word. It can also mean "seemly behavior", "dignity", "grace", or even "beauty".

Firmitudo is probably not the word you want. It's main sense is "durablilty" or "stability". It can mean "soundness of health" or "firmness of purpose" or "reliability". Forced to translate it by a single ENglish word I would probably go with "firmness".

A better word for "strength and courage" would in my opinion be fortitudo.

A separate word for strength? Vis might answer your purpose-- it means roughly) "strength", "power", or "force".

"Courage" is harder. Audacia is more like the English "boldness", and virtus, while it can mean courage, can also mean "strength" or "virtue" generally.

Hope this helps.


I guess I should be more precise about the all thing.

Thanks allot.