Trying to find English translation in this latin book

Joshua Lindsey

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I am researching the translation of the English Bible, and one of the main workers in this field was Desiderius Erasmus. He wrote in Latin. On this website: it quotes Erasmus as having said the following:

“Not content with that, he [Lee] accused me of an impious crime.... that in the end of the Book of Revelation I added a small number of words in a Greek codex from our Latin copies”

The footnote reference to this is as follows: Opera, ix, 1706, col. 150

I am trying to verify the quote, but having a bit of a struggle finding it. I have the link here to the PDF of Erasmus's Opera IX, but not knowing Latin it is difficult to find the phrase. Here is a link to the book on Internet Archive:

Please let me know specifically where in the page the quote is, and provide the correct English pronunciation if it is not as quoted. I appreciate it!


nulli numeri
Page 85 of the PDF.

non his contentus, impingit mihi flagitium impium, idque ante tempus, videlicet frequenter infulciens, si quid habet odiosius, quod in fine Apocalypsis, paucula verba adiecerim Graeco codici ex nostris Latinis.

The website didn't translate idque...odiosius.

Joshua Lindsey

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Thanks much, AoM.
Would you say that the English translation given by the website was adequate, or would you translate this some other way?


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The website's translation seems good.