tu disco?


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I don't speak any Latin so I am probably asking a very dumb question based on very little knowledge.

Is there any translation into English of "tu disco"?

I know "disco" is the "I" form of the verb "discere," to learn. If you put "tu" in front does that mean anything? Like would it then mean something like "I teach you"? Or is that just a totally separate verb for "to teach"?

Its such a random question but I have a legitimate curiosity because I have a friend who's last name is "Tudisco" and she is going to be a teacher. If "tu disco" means like "I teach you" or something to that effect, it would just be really cool. Hopefully, it's not meaningless when put together- that would be pretty disappointing. I figured going on a website like this would give me a much more credible answer than google translate which is just telling me it means "you learn." With my previous experiences learning Italian, I know google translate is wrong most of the time.


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Tu disco is just two words put together in a nonsensical way. Tu means "you" (singular) as the subject of a verb. Disco means "I learn" or "I'm learning". Therefore, since the verb disco is already in the first person, the second-person pronoun tu can't be its subject, which the form would want it to be. I suppose the only way you could make some sense of it, at a stretch, would be to take tu as an interjection, calling out to someone, and disco as a statement following this, like "[Hey] you [there]! I'm learning".

"I teach you" would be te doceo if the "you" is singular and vos doceo if the "you" is plural.