Two friends were here...

"Two friends were here. They had bad service from a guy named Epaphroditus. They threw him out and spent 105 sestertii most agreeably on whores."

I'm using this in my graffiti project. graffiti-project-script
If the speaker were female instead of male would that change the gender of some of the words?

I'm posting this one here, because I'm not sure if "whores" is appropriate in the main English-to-Latin thread. Better safe than sorry. Thank you. I really appreciate this. :)

On a related note... Is 105 sestertii a lot or a little? Curious?


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I really can't find this one...

I don't know what 105 sestertii actually represent.
Since we can't find the original, what would a new translation look like? Thanks.

I looked into the sestertii stuff. Not sure how accurate the sources are, since it could account for any time period or worker. Furthermore, someone argued that conversions could be misleading, because the way money was spent in Ancient Rome is dissimilar to how we spend money now. One source said that a sestertii was a quarter's day pay and could buy five loaves of bread. So that'd make 105 sestertii a little over 26 full days of work.


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Oh, so rather a lot.

No news from the Pr.?

If I or someone else is to make a translation, what kind of "bad service" do you imagine it to be? It's a part I'm finding hard to translate.


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I have found it!!!!!

Duo soldales hic fuerunt et cum diu malum​
ministrum in omnia haberent​
nomine Epaphroditum vix tarde​
eum foras exigerunt​
consumpserunt persuavissime cum futuere HS CVS​

I have found a good new source, we'll probably be able to find there some of those you don't have yet. :) It's easy, you can just search for the number of the inscription in the site.