Unique Offertory in the Mass for the Dead

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Jesu bone, triumphator mortis in cruce, attolle oculos clementia rutilos et respice in faciem ecclesiae, matris nostrae viduae, quae plorat filios suos, fratres nostros defunctos, qui pro culpa offensionis gemunt incolae sub mortis caligine ubi nullus ordo, set miserabilis inhabitat horror.
Kind Jesus, triumphant over death on the cross, lift Thine eyes, shining with mercy, and look back upon the face of the Church, our widowed mother, which waileth for her deceased children, our brethren, who groan under the guilt of their sin, dwellers beneath the mist of death, where no order, but miserable horror abideth.

Christe, propicius judex ultra David manseutudinem, ut superexaltet misericordia judicium, suscipe pro mortuis, quos fides catholica sepeliit, sacrificium ecclesiae matris, illud revolvens, quod memor figulus figmenti olim per prophetam prompsisti: Ego feci, ego feram, ego usque ad canos et senectam portabo, ego salvabo.
O Christ, judge gracious beyond the grace of David, so that mercy may exalt over judgement, take up in behalf of the dead, whom the Catholic faith hath buried, the sacrifice of the mother Church, reflecting upon that which Thou, a potter mindful of His creation, hast revealed of old through the prophet: I have made, I shall bear, even unto hoariness and old age will I carry, will I deliver [you].


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Imber Ranae dixit:
...matris nostrae viduae...
Ah. The script in the manuscript is basically three vertical lines; it could just as easily be 'ui' as 'iu.' Given that, in context, your reading is both more idiomatic and sensible.

...quos fides catholica sepeliit...
It is unambiguously 'sepelit.' I'm thinking that it's present tense, now, '...whom the Catholic faith buries...'

Your translations are both very professional and elegant. If you're not a professional liturgist, you should consider it. From what I read of the new Roman missal, it could have benefited from someone like you. I am,

Most appreciatively,