Untranslated latin texts

Terry S.

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The vast majority of mediaeval and neo-Latin texts are untranslated into English, or any other language.


legātus armisonus
Indeed. They were entirely translated in the 1970s into French by Jean-Pierre Callu though.


nulli numeri
Just realized: has no one published a complete translation of Servius's commentary on the Aeneid? Now that would be an undertaking.

The only thing even close (not really) is a translation of his commentary on book 4.


Homo Sapiens
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Servius Grammaticus on Vergil's Aeneid, Book VII: A Translation with Commentary

Does that mean commentary on Servius's commentary? o_O


Civis Illustris
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Sounds like it. Maybe in a thousand years someone will write a commentary on that too.


Civis Illustris
Just out of curiosity, are there any latin texts that haven't been translated yet?
Most of the Latin texts ever written have never been translated, and, unless machine learning dramatically improves, are unlikely to be translated for the forseeable future. Indeed, this is the strongest argument there is for learning Latin to a high degree of reading fluency. There are currently over 59,000 texts in the Neo-Latin bibliography, and as more texts are discovered, this number increases (yes, we don't even know how many texts there are; many have not been read by anyone for hundreds of years - let alone translated! There are a few Neo-Latin projects in various countries currently building bibliographies - and this bibliography does not even take into account the huge volume of Latin material that remains in manuscript.) http://www.philological.bham.ac.uk/bibliography/index.htm