...vos secundam rei bellicae suscepisse


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But strangely Bury said that it had no meaning in the context of Clovis. a strange statement as clovis fought many wars and this may just refer to the second of these.
Assuming the author of the book I linked to has got his facts right, it can't refer to the second of Clovis' wars, since he's well beyond his second war by the time Remigius is writing this letter to him.

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Hi Aurifex.
The rest of the letter confirms it was written fairly early in Clovis' career. Mention is made of the 'riches of his father', the fact he is 'now like his parents', then Remigius says : If you wish to reign, show yourself worthy to do so. Hardly words to a king who has reigned for a long time. He is also urged to consult with his Bishops. Most scholars actually place it at the beginning of his reign or after the battle against Syagrius. There is a suspicion that Clovis is already Christian, either an Arian catechumumen, already Arian or as Bury suspects already Catholic. I am working on a new chronology which places the start of Clovis' reign in 489 so this letter works well in this context. What does the author of the book suggest as to why it should be placed later. I've never heard of any scholar who places the letter later than the battle of Soissons.