"Warning: You Are / Become What You Read"


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I'm trying to give this tagline the same 'vibe' as "You are what you eat"...
Only now: "You Are / Become What You Read". / "Beware Reader, Read This And Your Soul Is Mine:

Essentially meaning: What you're reading shapes your personality, your judgement, ego and opinions, which you then start to act upon. Beware what you read, because it becomes you.

I got to: "CAVEAT LECTOR, NE ANIME MEA SIT" with my textbooks and very impaired knowledge.

The context is that this would be a very snobby "motto" or tag line, for a present-day fictional "media mogul" agency. Ran by a family that has had its grasp on the manipulation of public opinion for centuries. A sort of illustrious Comcast / REUTERS, and in this alternate history founded by a masonic / illuminati type family.

I've spent a good hour on google translate, forums and even dug up my junior year Latin books from the attic, but seem unable to make something nice.

Thanks in advance!


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Caveat lector, ne anime mea sit isn't quite correct. If you changed anime to anima (perhaps that was what you originally had and you just made a typo) it would mean "Let the reader beware, lest the/his soul be mine". I think it could be made clearer by adding eius between anima and mea.

Here are other suggestions:

Quod legas, id fias: "You become what you read."

Cave, lector: haec si legeris, anima tua mea erit: "Beware, reader: if you read this, your soul will be mine"

Cave, lector: haec si legeris, animam tuam possidebo: this means pretty much the same as the previous sentence except the last part back-translates more literally to "I will possess/own your soul". That may sound less nice in English but I think it sounds slightly better in Latin than the previous version.