What are some of your favorite Latin words?


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I really like pronouncing the third principal parts of verbs that end in the -e_i pattern, like feci, cepi it sounds cool. I like facio for it's juvenile value and the sound of the "A"... Also, I guess I'm quazy for quamquam.

Other words include autem, nisi, -que, any variant of hic/haec/hoc


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I really like pluit it has such a lovely onomatopoeic sound.

I'm also fond of sidera... not sure I could really say why, though.


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quomodocumque - this beast of a word perfectly fills the last two feet of a hexameter.

Lucius Aelius

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I am a fan of "Quinque". Also, "Movete", especially when shouted excitedly.


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Just found one in the Miles Gloriosus

stercoreus -a -um

I can think of a few uses for it already ;)


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I've always been a fan of seculorum...I think it comes from hearing it in a line from "The Name of the Rose" when I was younger.

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Caelum. Always has been.