What are you listening to? (music)


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What I have been listening for a lot of time already:

1. Walking in the air
2. Sleeping sun
3. ocean soul
4. Dead boys poem
5. Forever yours
6 Nemo

over and over again :D


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"Heroin she said" by Wolfsheim
next comes:
"Links 2 3 4" by Rammstein

Yup, I am into German bands, somehow.

Sa Seba

Akela dixit:
Yup, I am into German bands, somehow.
How come? ;)

I am a fan of Jamiroquai, but right now I am listening to internet radio. Some Deep House, meloding and keeps me going.


Vemortuicida strenuus
Tempus est iocundum/totus floreo by anonymous mediaeval


'Hôtel', Francis Poulenc

Ma chambre a la forme d’une cage
Le soleil passe son bras par la fenêtre
Mais moi qui veux fumer pour faire des mirages
J’allume au feu du jour ma cigarette
Je ne veux pas travailler je veux fumer

Ealdboc Aethelheall

Civis Illustris
Pop music - Lorde, Pure Heroine (I always think of Lost in Translation when I hear Ribs).
Classical/Old - Orlando di Lasso, Musica dei donum
Modern - Simeon ten Holt, Canto ostinato


Civis Illustris

"Mad about the boy", but not as you might know it.

Hey, if anyone listens to this or the Space Lady song above, let me know what you think.