What are you listening to? (music)


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Bruce Dickinson (of Iron Maiden) is a completely different persona off stage. Met him a couple of times at the local flying club. He's a professional pilot who flies his own Boeing 747. Obviously not short of a penny - but very sensible, intelligent and good company.


Vemortuicida strenuus
think I'm gonna listen to this again and again lol

"Pink Floyd - (title of song) - with Syd Barrett"?

Considering the latter coined the former and spearheaded its direction how about: Pink Floyd - (title of song) - with the rest of his bandmates?

Curse your fickle memories, Floydites. Good footage of Syd at the helm though, I'll give 'em that.


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Jive Turkey
I need more ‘likes’ for that.
I cannot imagine how a high-born man, draped in mighty red samite & scowling in curial chair of beaten gold, would feel having such divine music at his disposal at court. Gives me conniptions.


Civis Illustris