What are you reading?


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Robert Harris: Imperium - the first in the Cicero trilogy (Imperium, Lustrum and Dictator).

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Let none question my faith, who have the Holy Writ thrice three times!

But a man must not be over-pious, & so tempers he himself with diabolickal things. Or, did somebody say Gustave Doré?:


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The lil' guy right next to is the Greek New Testament. They appear to be part of a set.

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I really like that binding. Wonder what it's called.


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I've got a Greek NT too but I'm not sure it's that one. It might be. Let me look.

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Thou'rt blessed therefor.

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I bought one that looks like this


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I'm on canto XIII of the Inferno, and I reiterate (to myself): this is the greatest thing ever written.

e vederai color che son contenti
nel foco perchè speran di venire
quando che sia a le beate genti

I know precisely what place I shall take in hell when my hour comes. The words were glowing...


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The Mists of Avalon


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How are you finding it? It was a slow burn for me, but I ended up quite enjoying its atmosphere.
Not the first reading... Which means I quite enjoy it! :agree2:


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Tonight, I finished reading the Vertigo's comics "The Sandman" (1987-1996) (here's a link, it's 75 issues; can be read with this)

It is about a fictional mythical character Dream... (his brothers and sisters are: Destiny, Death, Destruction, Despair, Desire, Delirium).

The Vertigo comic books are for adults. It doesn't mean necessarily that it contains some flashy things (though it shows also graphical stuff, if the story happens to require it, which isn't as often), but that the themes and plots would simply be boring for children - for a typical comic book reader. If you have any idea what a "comic book" reading feels like, this is not it. This feels pretty much like a long story which is made into a comic book - as when sometimes, rarely, movies get their comic book versions. Its spin-off is Lucifer (a kind of continuation) that I wrote about here before, which I consider perhaps the best comics there is (I think it even surpasses the Sandman: it's situated in the same universe as the Sandman and writes about a character (Lucifer) who first appears on Sandman, but it's written by another author).

For example, Shakespeare appears in the Sandman from time to time too and takes part in it (his life, his family, hs work, his problems...).

Both Sandman and especially Lucifer read more or less like an epic graphical novel that has a beginning and end throughout the 75 issues. If you want to try something different for a change, try one of these. Another member of the DC Vertigo family is for example Constantine (Hellblazer).

If you've never tried a comic book for adults, especially if you've never given DC'S Vertigo a go, you should give it a try. Mostly we imagine a comic book as something children/teens enjoy or that a child/teen inside ourselves occasionally may enjoy (like some superheroes saving somebody every day), children then imagine "a comic book for adults" to be the same thing as their children comic book but with added graphical elements (sex & violence). But that's just a wrong idea. It's just that someone decided to adapt a deeper story with deeper meanings into a graphical form, stuff that children would be bored of. That's all :)

Anyway, happy reading whatever you read!
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I'm reading a dictionary, though I lack the discipline to do it systematically, and dip serendipitously. I had intended to transcribe chunks here, but my computer died, and on a phone the task would be horrific.