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Robert Harris: Imperium - the first in the Cicero trilogy (Imperium, Lustrum and Dictator).

Hemo Rusticus

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Let none question my faith, who have the Holy Writ thrice three times!

But a man must not be over-pious, & so tempers he himself with diabolickal things. Or, did somebody say Gustave Doré?:


Hemo Rusticus

J. Wellington Wimpy
The lil' guy right next to is the Greek New Testament. They appear to be part of a set.

Hemo Rusticus

J. Wellington Wimpy
I really like that binding. Wonder what it's called.


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I've got a Greek NT too but I'm not sure it's that one. It might be. Let me look.

Hemo Rusticus

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Thou'rt blessed therefor.

Issacus Divus

I bought one that looks like this


Hemo Rusticus

J. Wellington Wimpy
I'm on canto XIII of the Inferno, and I reiterate (to myself): this is the greatest thing ever written.

e vederai color che son contenti
nel foco perchè speran di venire
quando che sia a le beate genti

I know precisely what place I shall take in hell when my hour comes. The words were glowing...