What are you watching?


Civis Illustris
Right now: 80s Hongkong action movie "Iron Angels" 1987 (with german dubbing)
Full movie free on youtube



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Looks interesting, and something I might watch if life weren't indeed too short.


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I'm thinking about watching the next movie of Alien (Alien 4) tonight, anyone seen any of the Alien movies??

Issacus Divus

I'm now interested in that history show "Vikings".

Issacus Divus


W-t-f am I seeing? I need to sleep. Good Lord.

Terry S.

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Watching the late great Labour rhetorician Peter Shore on the dangers posed by an EU led Project Fear (even way back then). A stonking speech, though I'd prefer to not have background music in the clip.

Greece v Rome. Boris v Beard! I can't believe I've not come across this until today. Putting it on now as I begin work so can't comment on it but thought it worth a link here.

Absit invidia and with a heavy heart I've thrown my pebble into the greek urn. I shall at once make to temple and there give libations to Jove and purge these hellenic sentiments in me.

A bloody entertaining debate, guys and worth a watch if you've time.


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As for the argument : it seems way easier to defend greece than rome.
I haven't watched it entirely but in rome's defence I would have pointed out that if greece gave us rome, rome gave us greece, that it also gave us, quite paradoxically at first glance and a sensitive point for an englishman I should say, independance, aside, of course, law and administration.
What is the letter of a prostitute Mary Beard spoke about ?
Do you know the author ? I'm afraid it eludes me.
Ah, the philosopher and the prosititue, I've no idea but it was fantastic. I meant to go back to that specific narration and find out. I think it was from Seneca but without relistening I can't say for certain.