What does ἕκαστα mean here? (Apollonius, Argonautica - 3.493)

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492 "̂Ὠ φίλοι, Αἰήταο ἀπηνέος ἄμμι φίλον κῆρ
493 ἀντικρὺ κεχόλωται, ἕκαστα γὰρ οὔ νύ τι τέκμωρ
494 οὔτ' ἐμοί, οὔτε κεν ὔμμι διειρομένοισι πέλοιτο.

I've got so far:
"My friends, the dear heart of ruthless Aeetes is completely (ἀντικρὺ) angry with us, for there would/can not be (πέλοιτο) any useful purpose/goal (τέκμωρ) either in me (speaking - sc λεγοντι) or in your questioning."

Does anyone know how ἕκαστα fits in? Thanks in advance

Hemo Rusticus

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I think it's an emphatic substitute for πάντα.

'for it would be unavailing for me or you to inquire about each and every of these things'