What is this subforum meant for? PLEASE DO NOT POST HERE BEFORE READING THIS

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This subforum was created by, and after an idea of, Cinefactus.

It is a place where we may group explanations on various points of Latin grammar that can be useful to students, and especially on points concerning which we are regularly asked questions on the forums, and/or which we know cause a certain confusion in many students at some point.

If you need to ask a question concerning Latin, or if you need help with homework or translation, this is not where you should post. The "Latin Beginners", "Latin Grammar Questions", "Latin to English Translation", "English to Latin Translation", etc., forums are where questions and requests should be posted, according to the types of questions and requests.

This forum is meant exclusively for accurate, well-enough-written, and thorough-enough explanations/mini-articles on points of Latin grammar, written by people who are sure of the accuracy of what they have written. If you aren't sure, post elsewhere; this is meant to become as reliable as possible a resource for Latin students. Anything posted will have to be approved before it appears publicly.

If someone happens to write a particularly thorough and potentially helpful explanation in some other subforum, I/we may decide to move it here.

Please do not post in the threads that already exist comments unrelated to their topic.

Not open for further replies.