With these hands I summon forth a rotating pillar of fire


Cinefactus dixit:
In his description of the tornado, Pliny also uses the word typhon, which could mean cyclone.
Yeah, I was thinking that typhoon, cyclone, and tornado might all have been similar so I wasn't sure.


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paulmoore dixit:
So what would the phrase. 'Surround me with a vortex of fire' look like?
Maybe - Vortice igneo me cinge... but, since nothing particular is being commanded to surround the magician, perhaps Vortice igneo cingar (let me be surrounded by a fiery vortex) would be better.

Now, I'm taking risks here with constructions that I have yet to fully grasp. Be sure that another approves my translations first.


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Both are fine, although the latter could also be understood as a (medio-passive) future tense saying "I will arm myself with a vortex of fire".

You could just turn the passive sentence into the active if you want to make it very clear: vertex igneus me cingat


Vortice igneo cingar (let me be surrounded by a fiery vortex)
I like this one very much. It's short enough to decrease casting time(in my book) and the implied meaning is spot on. Thanks for another job well done!