"Wolf in Sheep's Clothing" analog

Shay H.

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I'm not looking for a literal translation, and if there's a commonly used analog to the phrase "Wolf in Sheep's Clothing" for latin, that would be most awesome. I'm using "Lanigerae Lupus" at the moment, which, yes, was a machine translation for "woolly wolf". Hopefully, that kind of context helps.


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Not sure if the Romans ever had a similar saying, but you could probably translate it as Lupus lana indutus - 'Wolf dressed in wool'. I know you didn't ask for a literal translation now, but it could perhaps be argued that enlightened people would understand the meaning of it anyway.

Lanigerae lupus does not work grammatically. It should be laniger lupus.


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Latin Proverbs and Quotations suggests Juvenal's:
Fallit enim vitium specie virtutis et umbra


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