Words beginning with C & K



Hello all. Sorry to gate-crash the forum, but I don't know where to turn. I am getting married in a few weeks and we have a emblem made of the first letters of our names - C & K. We would like two Latin words to go with it, however the K is proving difficult. I understand that the letter 'K' did belong in the alphabet, but was later replaced with 'C'.
Please can anyone help us?


"K" is going to be tough; the only common word you're going to find is Kalends, the name of the first day of any month.

"K" is used typically for words in Greek beginning with kappa that were borrowed into Latin. The "C" in classical latin makes the same sound a "K", so "K" is not really needed.

That said, in inscriptions "C" words were sometime written using a "K" (it's easier to carve). So karus = carus = "dear, precious, loving" might be exactly what you are looking for. Use karus if the word refers to the groom, kara for the bride.


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The thing is, if you use two words, one with 'K' and the other with 'C' it would defeat the purpose, as a Roman inscriptionist would have used one or the other, not both (this, I can only assume). However, I doubt any Latinist will come by knocking on your door ready to criticize your emblem.

Perhaps Kara Corda would do: Beloved hearts.


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I would agree with that assumption, Andy. If he was unwilling to carve a "C" once, he would probably be unwilling to carve it twice. Would it bother you, cjdales, if you simply had both your names working as "c"?