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I have written texts in Latin. I did this by first doing grammar excersis and after that by translating texts from Finnish into Latin. Pacis Puella and others here helped me with the translations. I observed that by writing in Latin I did improve both Latin morphology and syntax. That has helped me to better understand the Latin language. That has positively affected my skills in reading and interperating Latin texts in documents. That is something that I need in academic research in History.

I am now wondering how I could continue to produce texts in Latin as we do not focus on that so much at the University of Helsinki. This as this is not seen as essential as reading texts in Latin and analyze them. Remember that I need Latin especially for my research in History. Should I continue to produce Latin and if so then where should I write in Latin?


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Whether you should go on producing Latin, in my opinion, depends on whether you feel you benefit from it and/or enjoy it.

In theory, you can write anything you like and post it here if you want corrections, advice or opinions. Now if you're someone without creative inspiration like me, here's just one idea: most relatively extensive Latin texts I've produced have been short stories/tales I'd heard or read and adapted into Latin. They're all in the Speak Latin forum (if you're looking for corrections in English, though, it might be better to post your texts elsewhere, and to include English translations so that if there's a problem we know exactly what you intended to say — this makes correction simpler).
I've always been of the opinion that your level of expertise in a language can only go so far without frequent practice in production (speaking and writing). It's also just a lot more fun to learn through input and output.

I think a blog would be a great way to continue your Latin writing. It can be very flexible - you can just write about whatever subject is on your mind, and ask others to comment with vocabulary and syntax suggestions.
You could also look into contributing wikis to Vicipaedia.