Yearning ends as two soul mates reunite in heaven



Hello folks, my name is Chris, and I took Latin in college, and its been a number of years since graduating, and I've forgotten a lot. Anyhow, my mother-in-law asked me to translate this into Latin, and I was wondering if the venerables here would be willing to lend a helping hand? The English that she wants translated into Latin is-

"Yearning ends as two soul mates reunite in heaven"

She wants to put it on the head stone of her mother and father's burial plot. All help is appreciated!


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Re: Help with a translation

Here's a try:


Literally, “The heavenly rest of twin souls is the end of yearning”.


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Re: Help with a translation

Unless you really care about passers-by correctly pronouncing it. :lol:


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Re: Help with a translation

divinityofnumber dixit:
Not that you would have, but don't put the accent markings on the actual headstone.
Well, apices were used on inscriptions, and this is an inscription, on stone to boot. They would be perfectly suitable, especially if carved in very subtle strokes. Macrons would be unsuitable (they are for metre, and modern dictionaries), but apices are authentic.

I actually think the inscription should just be in English.