Inspirational You can sleep when you are dead.

You can sleep when you are dead.

At the moment I am just curious about how one would express this properly in latin. Google Translate's rubbish is the reason I joined this site in the first place.

I might use the translation as a custom phrase for a t-shirt/hoodie (for myself, not selling). In the future I could make a tattoo of it.

The message should relate to hard work/determination, but if possible should relate to the literal act of sleeping as well.

But something along the lines of "you can sleep/rest when you're dead" would be perfect.

If it is relevant, I am a man.


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Here's a way to put it:

Dormire mortuo licebit = You can sleep when you're dead.

Quiescere mortuo licebit = You can rest when you're dead.