Your first computer?


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I'd be really hard pressed to remember the model, but I remember it as an old Hewlett-Packard, back before their branding changed to "HP" and then to "hp". It might have been IBM, though... back when they made PCs. It ran Windows 3.1, and looked basically like this (similar overall form factor, different model).


I was pretty young in the mid-nineties, but I remember playing a lot of games on it. One that just recently came to me in a fit of deja vu that took two sleepless nights to track down to its source was this Sierra's "Mixed-Up Mother Goose". Bearing in mind that I was 4 at the time, I have pretty fond memories of that game.

Also , following the link in the above video, I get goosebumps hearing that Sierra intro. Sierra and Westwood games make up the bulk of my early PC memories.