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  • Agrippa
    Nescio an cogites de manna; Hebraice מָן הוּא ("man hu", id est "Quid est?")? 2 Mos 16:15 And when the children of Israel saw it, they...
  • Matthaeus
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    I have in mind to rob a bank. Is that soft planning or a scheme?
  • Bitmap
    Bitmap replied to the thread Dum.
    The subjunctive can express purpose in some subordinate clauses, not only the ones introduced by ut. It is usually an additional touch...
  • J
    john abshire replied to the thread Dum.
    On using the subjunctive, Are you saying that just the subjunctive mood, implies a “purpose“, and “ut” is not required to mean “in order...
  • Pacifica
    Pacifica replied to the thread Dum.
    Dum here means more like "until", and there is a nuance of purpose: Aeneas endured all those things not merely until, but also in order...