General Latin Dictionary

Perseus Project (Tufts University)
Greek and Latin dictionary headwords search form with links to source material.

Latin to English Dictionary and Grammar Aid (U of Notre Dame)
Search the Latin dictionary by a full word or a stem. 15 000 entries.

English-Latin (U of Notre Dame)
The English-Latin version of the above dictonary. Search or a full word or a stem among the English definitions.

Latin-English-Latin - UBC Sunsite
Java applet by Djun M. Kim (UBC), based on a Latin word list by Lynn Nelson (U of Kansas). 8 000 entries in this Latin dictionary.

Bill Casselman's Frivolous Page (UBC)
Text-based Latin dictinary (U of Washington), formatted with flex by Dr. Bill Casselman.

Glossary of Common Latin Terms (Brigham Young University)
Glossary of Latin terms found in imprints of early printed books, with examples of usage.

Words 1.97 Online
Net version of WORDS Latin dictionary software (U of Notre Dame) by William Whitaker. 30 000 entries.

Words 1.97 Dictionary Download
Free Latin dictionary software for DOS, Windows 95/NT/98/ME/2000/XP, Linux and FreeBSD, OS/2, Mac OS.

Glossary of Latin Words
This Latin dictionary lists words found in records and other English manuscripts, but not occurring in Classical authors.

A Copious and Critical English-Latin Dictionary

Georges: Kleines deutsch-lateinisches Handwörterbuch

Latin Subject Dictionary:

Latin Dictionary of Names

Latin Names & Abbreviations
Glossary of first Latin names; their spoken abbreviations with English equivalents.

Latin Christian Names
Latin to English translation.

Latin Forms of English Surnames
A list for Great Britain and Ireland.

Latin Dictionary of Computer Terminology

Vocabula computatralia
English to Latin computer terminology glossary.

Latin Dictionary of Biology

Latin Dictionary of Botanical Epithets

Latin Glossary of Roots of Botanical Names

Latin Dictionary of Colours

Latin to English Glossary of Colors (U of Kentucky)
Concordance to the Colours
An alphabetical list of Latin color-names based on Wharton, H.T. (1884) On Fries' Nomenclature of Colours.

Latin Dictionary of Place Names

Latin place names in Great Britain and Ireland
Translation from Latin to English.
Cathedral Libraries Catalogue: Names of Printing Towns
English forms as found in early printed books, with some references
for their vernacular forms' early spellings.
Latin Place Names (Brigham Young University)
Translation and vernacular equivalents of the place names found in the imprints of books printed before 1801.
Orbis Latinus - List of City Names (Columbia University)
Work of Dr. Johann Grässe (1909) online, reflecting the geographical and political differences of the time .
Latin Names of the Bishoprics in
Scotland, and

Latin Dictionary of Christianity

Ecclesiastical Abbreviations (New Advent)
Latin to English abbreviation translation from the Catholic Encyclopedia.

Latin Dictionary of Genealogy

Latin Genealogical Word List
Words likely to be found in genealogical sources: family terms,
general keywords, numbers, dates and time.
Stirps Romana (Latinteach)
A chart and a glossary of Latin terms used in Genealogy studies.
Ancestry Wordlist
Latin terms connected with family relationships, inheritance,
ancestry, and some profession names.

Latin Abbreviations

Latin Phrases and Abbreviations (Classics Technology Center)
Translation of modern Latin abbreviations.