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Dogs in Ancient Rome

The little chained dog that burnt in Pompeii, a dog's grave marker, and whether Rottweilers descended from the ancient Roman dogs.

Pronunciation of Short and Long Letter Y

An audio file showing differences between pronunciation of short and long vower "Y".

How Closely is Latin Related to Greek Language?

I recently came across a review of a book in New Englander and Yale Review (August 1859)
It discussed in detail whether Greek is the closest related language to Latin.
I have never heard this argument before, but I do not even know Greek:(
What do you think of the above?

Wordplay with Languages

Since we have an international group of people who are interested in languages, I would like to ask you all if you know of examples, anecdotes, or jokes involving the differences or similarities in languages.

Latin Palindromes

Do you know any Latin palindromes?

Let's post the ones we know (with a translation for the benefit of those in earlier stages of learning)

Ancient Astronauts?

"...I've been looking this up, based on the theory that aliens created or aided humanity/civilizations, there are some very similar picutres/murals in the americas/east asia that show astronauts in space suits and statues as well."

Why Is It Called Latin America?

"The fact that Central America was called Latin America makes it difficult for me to find latin books in libraries and catalogs as I often encounter hispanic cookbooks, and dancing lessons when looking for Latin stuff."

Difference between Mythology and History

"Where exactly does our knowledge of Roman history part the mythological aspect... in other words, can we truly trust that our history of the monarchy is all historically correct, or for the most part accurate?"

Are All the Original Latin Texts Authentic?

"...The same thing was happening to Latin texts. They were not being corrupted, but people just tried to write them in a more intellegible way. Besides, there were different sorts of scribes: one of them used to copy texts scrupulously like maniacs, others, on the contrary, rather rendered them in a free manner.... Is this true?"

Latin Book Club: Reading Caesar, De Bello Gallico, Book I

"After a unanimous vote in favor of C. IVLI CAESARIS COMMENTARIORVM DE BELLO GALLICO LIBER PRIMVS, we shall begin reading this week."

Remember the Latin Conversation in the Movie Tombstone? What Did it Say?

"There is a scene where a very intoxicated Doc Holiday (Val Kilmer) is being confronted by Johnny Ringo (Michael Biehn), one of the primary bad guys, in a saloon where Wyatt Earp (Kurt Russell) is the dealer behind a farrow table."

Is a Classics Degree Enough for a Politician?

"Boris Johnson's father Stanley summed it up in a newspaper interview at the weekend, saying: "In the days when Britain ruled more than a quarter of the world, a classical education was considered more than adequate training for the job of handling populations certainly as large and diverse as London's."

Can Ancient History Curb Youth Violence?

"I was going through old news stories today and came across an article about Boris Johnson, the mayor of London, campaigning for increase of study of classics as a way to curb youth violence "

Why Is Hannibal Revered as so Great?

"In my Latin III high school class we just studied the Second Punic War involving Rome and Carthage. Many things that I have read and comentaries in movies and documentary have claimed Hannibal as one of, if not THE, greatest military commanders of all time. How is that so?"

Who Would Win a Fist Fight: Gaius Verres or Catiline?

"1. hand to hand combat, no weapons
2. no armor, cloth and sandals only
3. fighters can be thought of as being any age (within their actual lifespan of course)
4. Vote!"