Greek fire

By Big Horn, in 'Latin Culture', Oct 30, 2019.

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    Cody, WY, U.S.
    Please consider this a first draft.

    In 1960 John H. Partington published History of Greek Fire and Gunpowder. It's an exhaustive study that has become increasingly controversial. The author's language is English, but he quotes many passages in both Latin and Greek, large sections of which are left untranslated. Most of the Latin and Greek is easy to translate.

    Partington was a chemist who wrote among other works, a massive history of chemists and chemistry. He obviously had a strong classical background. Unlike H. W. L. Hime he does not mount an almost purely philological argument of a Chinese introduction of potassium nitrate. Most of the latter's work involves Classics. particularly Lucian.

    I'm posting references as best I can including what should be for most a helpful Wikipedia article on Greek Fire.

    As I stated in the title of the thr3ead I do not know where to post this. I would like to give it maxum exposure because I believe that it could lead to a discussion both productive and lively.
  2. Rudis Member

    Greek that's a talking point. The arsonists wet dream. A weapon of war so effective that, even in the hands of people today, it still has great worth in times of war. It essentially is weaponised fire. Scientists, archeologists and alchemists, they do still exist, have searched for centuries to find out the magic formula. All of the other components have been found I believe, but the fire itself eludes us all.

    Richard I, The Lionharted, went up against the fire in the siege of Acre.

    As a weapon, it had use on both land and sea.

    Perhaps in war today we would make Flame Tanks that would make everyone shivver in fear.
  3. Gryllus Minor Member

    In medieval times it was very effective. If you read the description, modern equivalents can be made -- you've heard of napalm, right? Flame tanks? Right, far more destructive weapons available for tanks right now, especially those that can fire tactical nukes...

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