A new day has come


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Hello Everbody,

I need your help to translate this sentence.

First, I got a translation for my tattoo who was "libertas libendi" for "liberty to fall", but in the end, i realize it has something negative that I didn't like ... then I got this final idea and wanted you to help me to get the right translation ...

Thanks in advance :p

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Dies nova adest.

Hang on because there is likely to be some discussion on this. Firstly, "day" can be either masculine of feminine. Masculine is more usual (nova would become novus) but the feminine which I've used here is often used when there is a specific day in mind. I presume that even though a tattoo is permanent you intend the meaning to be fresh every day and always to refer to today.

Secondly, I've used adest for "has come". This actually means "is here". Venit might be more usual for "has come" but it is ambiguous and could also mean "is coming".


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Thanks for your help !

Yes, i think you presume well.

What i mean through "a new day has come" is "not matter what happened yesterday, today is a new day, keep your head high and go ahead" ... is your translation still applicable with my explanation ?