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I'm looking for a translation for the short phrase "About God." It's for a Sci-fi series I continue to chip away at, in particular the second book in that series. In the context of that book, however, God doesn't have gender. I don't know if it's possible or even necessary to translate "About God" without gender in Latin, but that's what I'm looking for if it is.

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"About God", that is "regarding/concerning God": de Deo.

The Latin word for "god" is grammatically masculine. There's a feminine equivalent for "goddess". If you really want something neuter, there is a neuter noun that means roughly "divine power" but is sometimes used to mean a deity itself. With that word you could say de Numine. However, de Deo should work fine. When a person or other animate being like a god is of unspecified gender, you default to the masculine in Latin. Even if your god is genderless, it's quite OK to use a grammatically masculine noun to refer to it; it's just the default.