Inspirational All is in the hands of God

I would greatly appreciate it if someone could translate the above phrase into Latin.

The idea comes originally the flag of the Bikini Atoll, a US nuclear test site, which takes the form of a deformed US flag with "MEN OTEMJEJ REJ ILO BEIN ANIJ" ("Everything is in the hands of God") written on it.

In terms of context, it should be something one could say as a catchphrase/quote. I may or may not use it for a story I'm writing. In the scene, there's two people chilling in a room and one of them starts to prepare heroin. The other guy freaks out and says "man that's illegal/you might kill yourself". And the other guy says the equivalent of "everything is in the hands of God".

So yea that's the idea. Something like "it's all in the hands of God" or "everything is in the hands of God".

Thank you for your help.