"All roads lead to Rome"

Francis S

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As a boy (umpteen decades ago), I had a Latin teacher who employed the expression "All roads lead to Rome" as a metaphor for how to succeed in life. As I understood it, her idea was, it doesn't matter what you do in life, because whatever it is, if you do it honestly, sincerely, sensitively, earnestly, it will lead to success ... because "all roads lead to Rome."

The thing is, she used to say it in Latin, of course (it was Latin class), and I no longer remember how it went. Something about omnes, I think, but that's all I recall.

Also, do you happen to know if this was an actual expression used in ancient Rome? I remember her teaching that the Romans built roads feverishly all over "their world." And I suppose all of them actually did (eventually) "lead to Rome". Why else would they have built them?

I am grateful for any ideas.

Thank you.