Apotelesma Occultum


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I have no experience in latin and I wanted to make sure I was making this phrase correctly. Keep in mind this is for a tattoo, so having a huge sentence is not likely and i have already looked up the specific words I would like to use. My question is, this phrase 'apotelesma occultum' is this the correct way to place the words as well as the spelling and conjugation?
I am going for an english translation of "The secret influence of the stars on human destiny."
I wasn't sure to place the Occultum first or after as well as using Occultae, Occultus, Occultum.
Going for a translation of "The hidden influence of the stars on human destiny" is ok but i prefer secret and didnt want to use secreto. My goal is the use the phrase without having the latin words visible in english hence the reason for using occult and not secreto. Of course though, I am without any experience in latin other than some medical terms and the english language, which is why I am inquiring about this on the forum.


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It's correct.