celes(u)s and al(u)ssime in Gothic script?


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Hi, I am trying to translate something in a gothic script. (It seems pretty close to textualis rotunda.) What is the letter that looks kind of like a u with a heavy line drawn over it? For example, there's a word that looks like

I guess this could also be an a, but that wouldn't make sense in a lot of words. :brickwall:

Any help would be appreciated. I wish I could attach the file to show you what I mean. This is driving me batty! I'm clueless here. :p



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Maybe it is ti—celestis (caelestis) & altissime...

It could also be some form of abbreviation, although a bar over a letter usually represents an n or an m, which wouldn't make sense...



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I bet you are you're absolutely right!!! It is ti, and it makes a lot more sense now!! Thanks! The bar of the t connects with the i. Eureka. ;)