Certamen Poeticum Hoeufftianum


Auditor et Discipulus
Hi all,
Do you know of any website/book where I can find all the winning poems of this contest that used to be held in Amsterdam?
In the absence of a complete collection of the works, a single poem that you happened to stumble upon and won the prize would be welcome instead.

I have only found a site that gathers all the works of the Italian Poet Giovanni Pascoli that were awarded the prize:

Veianius, 1892 edition
Phidyle, 1894 edition
Myrmedon, 1895
Cena in Caudiano Nervae, 1896
Reditus Augusti, 1897
Sosii fratres bibliopolae, 1900
Centurio, 1902
Paedagogium, 1904
Fanum Apollinis, 1905
Rufius Crispinus, 1907
Pomponia Graecina, 1910
Fanum Vacunae, 1911
Thallusa, 1912 edition
but nothing more than that.
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