Correct Pronunciation of a Latin Word in an Audiobook.


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I'm going to narrate a work of fiction for an audiobook. I'm struggling a bit with the correct pronunciation of a word.

"DISVNITVS" - Meaning to separate or pull apart. Is it (forgive me for being unable to write it out phonetically) "Dis-YOON-i-Tus?" or "Dis-OO-ni-tus?" or perhaps neither? Not 100% sure and really want to get this correct.

Numerous searches on both the internet and this forum have come up empty.



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Disunitus means more precisely "disunited" or "separated", referring to a male person or a thing of masculine grammatical gender. It's a pretty rare and non-classical word. I don't know why you chose that one or how you're using it, so I can't tell if it works for your purposes. In any case, the pronunciation is roughly like this:


But the first "oo" is long, like in "tool", whereas the second is short, like in "book".

The "i" in the first syllable is like in "sit".
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Thank you so much.

I believe the rarity of the word is why the author chose it. And yes, separated/disunited fits exactly with the story line/theme.


Thank you!