Dickinson College Commentaries -- Texts and Core Vocabularies

Gregorius Textor

Civis Illustris
Besides the Allen and Greenough's Latin Grammar, which has been cited in these forums at least several times, the Dickinson College Commentaries have an interesting collection of Latin and Greek texts, free and online, but you can also order print copies. These texts include works from Cicero, Bede, Caesar, Cornelius Nepos, Jerome, Tacitus, etc. Although the texts are more limited than in some online collections, and sometimes are only selections from the work, they have notes which would seem to be useful especially for beginning readers. Beginners will also appreciate the use of macrons to distinguish long vowels (unlike NoDictionaries.com), even in the Mediaeval texts where the long/short distinction was a faded thing.

In addition, there are Core Vocabularies for Latin and Ancient Greek, about 1000 of the most common words in Latin and 500 in Greek. The Latin vocabulary list is intended to provide "the lemmas or dictionary headwords that generate approximately 70% of the word forms in a typical Latin text." The list was compiled by a method which includes non-classical Latin sources as explained on the page there.